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Welcome to BTB's junior site. I hope you enjoy reading it and remember to come back now and again to try the new quizzes and find out more info on the sport.


Over the past two years, the amount of juniors at BTB has grown very rapidly. It was decided that it would be a wise idea to set up a club for them. So, In September 01, Timken tornadoes was formed. Since then, even more kids have joined and this will be a very successful club in the not so distant future.


If you've never tried it before, archery is a sport that involves pulling back a bow (that's got an arrow attached to it), and then letting it go so the arrow flies through the air and hits it's target. Many people would think that's it, but there's a lot more to it than that!

The Bow

First of all, there are many different types of bow .A Long bow is the one that Robin Hood used. It's made out of wood and you don't have a sight to aim at the target.  A recurve bow is the one that most people these days first learn to shoot. It has three parts: the riser (handle) which you hold onto, and the top and bottom limbs. These are connected to riser and bend as the string is pulled back. The last of the three most common bows is called the compound. It's the most modern style of bow and is very complicated to explain. The basic principle of it is that all the pulleys and wheels on it allow you to hold the bow easily, but still get a fast shot. 

Product Image Product Image

Some Arrows                                                Traditional Long Bows

Product Image A Compound                                      Product Image  A Recurve  


Different Types

 There are many different types of archery including: Target, Field, flight and Clout.


In target archery you shoot at targets (obviously!). You can shoot indoors or out and the distance you shoot depends on your sex, age and the competition you're in. e.g, If you're a 13 year old girl, and shooting a Bristol III round, you shoot 6 dozen arrows @ 50 yards, 4 dozen @ 40 yards and 2 dozen @ 30 yards. Indoor shooting is not normally further than 20 yards.

Most targets look like this. But they come in different sizes. In an imperial outdoor round the scoring is : yellow (gold) 9, red 7, blue 5, black 3, white 1


Many people consider field archery to be more fun than target archery. You still shoot at targets (only some people shoot at animal pictures) but you go through woods and have to shoot at weird angles and sometimes in between trees. To make life even more difficult, the distance you shoot changes on every target!


Flight shooting is very simple. All you do is pull the string back, aim at a 45 degrees angle and let go. The idea is that your arrow will go further than anyone else. Even a reasonably light bow will probably get the arrows over a hundred yards!


In a clout shoot, the object of the game is to hit the flag (or get as close to it as possible) that's on the ground. The maximum score is 5 and the minimum is 0. Because you can't really mark a target on the ground, you have to score by looping one end of a tape over the flag pole, and then walking round in a circle. The tape has marks certain marks on it so when you find an arrow within the circle, you know what score it got. Most people shoot bare bow (without a sight) as the targets are further away than in most other competitions and you have to aim high in the air.