David Clarke Memorial Trophy

The David Clarke Memorial Trophy was given to the club by Marion Clarke.  It depicts an archer from Henry VIII's warship "The Mary Rose" that sank during the "Battle of the Solent" in 1545.

The Trophy is awarded annually to a member who makes a significant contribution to the development and recognition of the club during a given year.

In 2015 the trophy is seen here being awarded to Sarah Linnell by Chairman Kevin Mace at the AGM

Sarah has proactively organised several have-a-go sessions for the club during 2015 which have brought in a considerable amount of revenue
 for the club and inspired people to do a beginners course and become new members.  She is also a regular volunteer when help is
 needed in setting up shoots and have-a-go sessions.

In 2013 the trophy is seen here being awarded to Sylvia Underlin by Chairman Kevin Mace at the AGM

Sylvia has always functioned behind the scenes procuring grants, organising have-a-go sessions and beginners courses and is a level 2 coach and club treasurer.
She is the main driving force that has ensured the club's survival since the demise of the British Timken site.
In 2013 she was the person who negotiated and set up the indoor and outdoor shooting facilities that we now enjoy at Brampton Heath Golf Centre.

The trophy was first awarded in 2012 to David Birch for his work on developing the club's website.
He is seen here being awarded the trophy by Chairman Kevin Mace and Lady Paramount Marion Clarke at the 2012 David Clarke Memorial Indoor Triple Competition.



2016: The Wright Family (Tim, Fiona & Harry)

2015: Sarah Linnell

2014: David Birch

2013: Sylvia Underlin

2012: David Birch