Most of the you will not yet have shot in a competition, but don’t worry. It’s not as bad as it first sounds. By the end of reading this, you’ll be able to go out there and shoot all the competitions you want! Who knows, you might even win!

One week before.....

Make sure you've got the right sight marks for the particular competition.

Check that all your clothing is clean.

Check all your equipment and re-fletch any duff fletchings

Remind your parent about the competition!

Check with the organizer or look on an entry form to get the start time

2-3 days before.......

Check weather forecast so you know what to expect when you get there. ( It's best to pack wet weather gear even if it's sunny)

The night before......

Put everything you need for the shoot together :

Equipment, tent or umbrella, chair.

Get your parents (or you) to make your food and put it in the fridge.

Get out your clothes.

Get an early night.

The next morning....

Get up early and make sure your parents are awake.

Arrive at the shoot with at least an hour to spare.

Check where you are shooting/ where the toilets are etc.

Set up your equipment behind the back line in line with your target (less walking then!) 

Get warmed up, then stretch. (start this about 1/2 hour before assembly)

When you turn up to the shoot, the targets will already be out, or someone will be putting them up. Each target will have a number on it. There will be a table somewhere with the target list on it. This will tell you which target you'll be shooting on. When you've found you're number, walk along the line until you're in line with it. On the ground, there should be three lines. The one closest to the targets is the shooting line. The waiting line is the one behind that. you can only step over this line if it's you're time to shoot. you can put your bow in between the 2nd and 3rd lines, and the rest of your stuff i.e. tent behind the 3rd. ( or, if this is too confusing, see where everyone else puts  theirs!) 

Hopefully you'll have about half an hour to spare after that. You can use this time to warm up, stretch, and ask the judge or organizer any questions you may have. When you hear a whistle, make your way over to where the judge is standing (the man/ woman in a green blazer. He will welcome everyone to the shoot and give information on the shoot/ toilets etc. He will then tell you that the sighters will be in so many minutes. Go back to you're equipment and get ready to shoot.

You'll soon get used to how things work so i don't really need to go into detail. Just enjoy the day and don't forget to buy some tickets if there's going to be a raffle at the end.

When the shoot's finished, pack away you're stuff. Stay for the award ceremony because you never know, you might have a medal or trophy. Even if you haven't one, you are still in with a change of winning the raffle!

A good diet will improve your body's performance.

If you are hungry, have a snack (banana) otherwise you'll be so busy thinking about your stomach rumbling, that you'll forget to shoot properly!

Make a check list of everything you need so you know you've got everything.

A good archer follows the GNAS rules of etiquette. ( you can find this in your beginner's handbook)

Stand up your arrows (the ones that miss) where they landed so if you can't find one, it gives an idea of where the arrow might be.

If you need the toilet, try and go in the breaks, but if you can't, shoot your arrows, tell someone where you're going, and leg it! (If you ask, most people will be happy to score your arrows for you if you're not back in time)

Bananas release their energy slowly so keep you going for longer. Try not to eat things like chocolate. They give you a sudden burst of energy, but this soon goes, and it make you feel tired.

Sometimes you may be asked to score the arrows. If you make a mistake on the adding up, you can just cross it out and write the correct answer next to it. But, if you write an arrow score done incorrectly, get the judges attention and he'll change it.

If you're not scoring well, try not to get down otherwise your shooting will get worse. Just think of it as a practice for the next shoot.

The more competitions you shoot, the more easy it'll become so shoot as much as you can!

And finally, have fun because that's what archery is about!

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